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More Laurette O'Neil Jewelry
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Black Jade Earrings, No 905, $70
Black Jade Polished Sterling Silver Necklace, No 904, $130

Triple Black Jade Earrings, No 95, $110
Small Black Jade Spear Pendant, No 867, $110

Triangle Earrings, No 910, $90
Triangle Necklace, No 919, $50


Triple Flat Coral Necklace, No 870f, $110

Triple Barrel Coral Necklace, No 870b, $110

Genius Bar Earrings, No 654, $130


Triple Whisk Coral Earrings, No 868, $110

Open Circle Earrings, No 894, $110

Red Magnesite Earrings, No 842, $110
Red Magnesite Necklace, No 841, $110